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Owner Neil LaBuda learned years ago, that the keys to a great siding install are found in the L’s. Lock pieces in place, make sure siding is Level, Line up around the corners, and overall that it Looks Great! A lot of companies in the Lehigh Valley just throw up thin gauge, no name siding that will easily crack and blow off of your home. We don’t do that. We use Norandex and Napco Siding for new installs. For repairs we can tract down the closest match to color/size/brand.

If you still have pieces left over from an original install, in most cases we can then exact match your siding. This is obtained by putting a close match piece of siding behind shrubbery or a less visible area and using the siding home owner has provided to replace siding in damaged area that is most visible. We also do aluminum siding repairs. We offer a wide selection of colors and sizes to help get the ideas in your head to come to life. 

We offer an option for insulated siding and insulating behind regular siding. Also available is vertical siding and siding for the appearance of wood shake. We install house wrap behind new siding. House wrap functions as a weather barrier while allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior.


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