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Shutters, Chimney Caps And Zinc Strips

LaBuda Exteriors offers a wide selection of colors and styles for Mid-America Shutters. Vinyl Shutters are for accenting the exterior of your home and can add a beautiful component to really bring your color scheme to life.

In person owner Neil LaBuda will go over different color choices to go with your new siding, gutters, or roofing. New shutters can be a stand-alone repair as well. Instead of painting faded shutters, (which usually only last a few years), replacing your existing shutters with new pairs is a great option.

We install shutters with the proper amount of plugs to ensure a tight grip into your home and prevent easily pulling away from high winds.


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We install Stainless Steel Chimney Caps.

A completely open chimney and/or flue lets precipitation directly into your home and wears away the mortar on your chimney. It also invites critters to come on in. This can easily be alleviated. There are standard sizes in stock. For chimneys with multiple flues, larger flues, and/or larger chimney sizes we offer and install custom made wrap around stainless steel chimney caps. These are put together on site and then installed. They come with a side steel meshing that keep out birds and critters as well.

Take a peak outside from the ground and see if your chimney has a chimney cap. If not, give us a call so we can come by and explain to you the best solution. We also cap off flues and/or chimneys no longer in use.

Standard stainless steel chimney cap.

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Chimney caps keep precipitation and pesky birds and rodents out of your chimney lining.

Zinc Strips

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