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Gutter Protection

The water that accumulates off of your roof needs to be diverted away from your home to prevent leaks, interior damage, ice dams, mold/mildew issues, headaches, $costs, etc. Common gutter clogs that cause leaking and overflow issues are leaves, pine needles, helicopters, accumulative small vegetation, birds nests, toys/sports balls, and a sloppy roof job with underlayment , shingle pieces, and nails left in the gutter. We offer 3 levels of protection for keeping your gutters clean and clear of debris.

The 1st being a semi-annual gutter cleaning and removal of debris resting on the roof, (pricing varies). In owner, Neil LaBuda’s experience, homes that have substantial amount of pine trees near the home should not be covered with any type of gutter protection, even the ones that claim to keep pine needles out. They don’t. The simplest solution is the best solution in this case. Get your gutters and downspouts cleared of all debris. Most homes require cleanings once in the fall and once in the spring, (some homes require one cleaning per year and others require many per year). We offer custom packages for the specific needs of your home. We offer cleaning out of gutters and downspouts and removal of roof debris for any home , not just those surrounded with pine trees. We offer tune-ups of existing gutters and downspouts, (which includes sealing and reattaching of existing gutters and downspouts where needed).

Next available is the 2nd option of REAL Gutter Cover. This is a wonderful choice which has a solid aluminum body and perforations on top to allow water to flow in and which keeps debris out. As advertised, “No exaggerated performance claims just good all-around gutter protection to meet REAL expectations.” We back this product with a 10 yr warranty. If it clogs within that time LaBuda Exteriors will unclog REAL Gutter Cover at no charge.

The 3rd option is Leafree Gutter Protection. Leafree works on the science of water adhesion. This product can be custom fit to any home. No hangers or brackets or screwing into your roof. The slim profile and color availability make this an attractive look on your home. Leafree handles over the amount of rain from a hurricane! Whether installed with existing gutters, (which we tune up before covering up) or installed as part of an overall new gutter and downspout system, Leafree is an exceptional product. We back this product with a lifetime no clog warranty. If for any reason Leafree becomes clogged , LaBuda Exteriors will unclog for free for as long as you own the home.

*Gutter Protection warranties are void if the following occurs:
  *(still call us even if one of these occur so we can help you find a simple solution)

-a roof replacement is completed by another company after we install our gutter protection
  (a lot of roofing companies don’t properly handle gutter protection, they nail through it, don’t remove it before reroofing and leave roofing debris in the gutter)

-if plants and trees are not cut back, and are essentially growing into the gutters

-if gutters and/or gutter protection are damaged from extreme weather
  (ice dams and accumulative snowfall, falling or flying debris )
  (we work year round and remove snow and ice dams of your roof)

-tampering with original install by homeowner, another company, or someone else

REAL Gutter Cover

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