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Easton, PA Old Victorian Home From 1840s.

Tore off old slate mansards in rear, installed GAF slate line shingles, rebuilt box gutter, new rubber , drip edge , and drain for a box gutters, slate repairs, flat roof repairs and coating. Came out beautiful was a pleasure to do work for Michelle and Mikey!!!

Easton, PA Old Victorian Home From 1840s

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Beautiful Victorian Home in the Heart of Downtown Easton, PA

Bath, PA Roofing Job

New roof job in Bath, PA with GAF High Definition Weatheredwood Architectural Shingles.

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Bath, PA Roofing Job

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Before-rear view of old 3-tab roof

Bath, PA Job

The entire home downspout replacement, replaced rotted section of front porch railing, painted whole front porch , new fascia for left side of home gable, gutter repair , shutter repair, shingle repair, and replacement of all pipe collars on the roof.

Bath Job

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Front of home view-Entire front porch painted

Allentown, PA Custom Aluminum Capping and Removal of Satellite Dish

Removed satellite dish and wires, Replaced rotted wood, capped exposed wood on dormer in white aluminum, reattached fasciaboard at change in roof planes , furnished and installed custom roof flashing/fascia.

Allentown, PA Removal Of Satellite Dish

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Before-satellite dish installed onto dormer, wood bare and exposed to the elements

Whitehall, PA Front Porch Covering Addition

New front porch covering addition, rafter work, roof decking, shingles, soffit, fascia, post capping, gutter and gutter protection.

Whitehall, PA Front Porch Covering Addition

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Before-old rotted wood and funky planks over front porch entrance

Macungie, PA Siding, Downspout, and Gutter Repairs

Another job completed! Beautiful home in Macungie. Exact match siding repair, downspout extension, gutter repair, gutter cleaning.

Macungie, PA Exact Match Siding Repair

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Allentown, PA Historic Home

Wood replacement and painting, Entire home replacement of downspouts, new PVC downspout extensions, Board and batten siding repair.

Allentown, PA Historic Home

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Front of home view

Easton, PA New Main Roof and Entire Home Gutters and Downspouts

It was a pleasure to find solutions and complete the work on Jim and Faith’s beautiful home!


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Before-Front of home view

Whitehall, PA Garage Trim

Aluminum trim to cover wood on garage making it maintenance free and keeping out the Carpenter bees.

Whitehall, PA Garage Trim

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During-furnish and install custom aluminum to cover bare wood and block out carpenter bees

Fleet wood, PA Replacement Window

Anderson replacement window.

Fleet wood, PA Replacement Window

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After-Installed replacement window, furnished and installed new aluminum window capping, and new caulking